Visions for Yellow Reformation Dance In My Head


Well, there is this book, and it is the plumb line upon which I am building Yellow Reformation. It is a really good book. You should read it. The person who wrote it will change your life. There is this one part [Habakkuk 2] that talks about writing your vision out and making it plain. So, that is what I am attempting to do in this particular page.

YELLOW REFORMATION STARTED WITH A CUFF. A simple, yet profound vehicle of change is what I saw in that raw medium six years ago. It may sound silly, but I believe there is a revolution sitting inside of that little vehicle. You might ask what exactly it is I saw when I saw that one lone cuff, which happened to be attached to my future best friend that day…Well…I saw the future.

Let me take things one step further for second, just to give you my back story. I am in relationship with God. I believe that He is in love with His creation, that He still speak, and in fact, that He speaks all the time-if we stop and listen. I believe that what He says actually creates LIFE. Life in you, life in me, life wherever it is released. I also believe that when you hear what He says, you can release it too. You can pray it. You can speak it. You can paint it. You sing it….or, in this vision, you can wear it. Why not?! That is the question I asked myself that day: Why not?!

Let’s revisit that initial vision…so, I started to dream. That’s what vision does, by the way. It releases dreams, and dreams are life producing. So, I started to dream about where this cuff vehicle could go, and what kind of momentum it could create. I began to see it spreading through culture, into the arts and entertainment world. I saw celebrities wearing these cuffs. I saw people being drawn to the individual words and phrases on the cuffs,  not even knowing why. I saw these cuffs changing people’s lives. That sounds crazy you might say. Crazy! Yeah, it does. It is just a few pieces of leather, pottery or metal, and how in the heck could that change someone? It can’t all by it’s lonesome, but it can when it holds a piece of the destiny God is speaking over someone. Yeah, I said that word destiny. Get over it. It is a wonderful word that brings hope just by the utterance of the word itself. God has plans. He has plans for each one of us…and they are good plans. He wants us to be encouraged. To hope. To dream. To thrive underneath the gaze of what He is saying over our lives.

So….back to cuffs. Yellow Reformation has morphed a lot over the past six years. I have tried many mediums and made a variety of wares, and I will still dabble in all that. I can’t help myself. But, from here out, the VISION is cuffs. This is me writing it out plain, in the sight of God and man. In the beautiful words of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, “I am going back to the start.” I would love it if you would jump in this little vehicle with me. There is a revolution inside. We are going to change culture with a color.

Thanks for taking the time to let these visions dance in your head for a few minutes too.

Dawn [Co-maker of the Yellow things]



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